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Discover the Fashion Trends That Will Rule 2021

With the coronavirus pandemic, you’d think fashion would take a break. After all, all we wore for a while there were sweatpants, oversized t-shirts, and hoodies (and I wasn’t mad about it). However, fashion trends are still going strong.

1. Clingy Sweaters

If you love sweaters, then you’ll be thrilled to know clingy sweaters are quite popular in 2021. Sweaters that are tight and hug your body in all the right places are in! Some of them even feature cutouts for an asymmetrical style and most of them are made with light, almost translucent material.

2. The Comeback of the 70s

70s-inspired looks are creeping back into fashion and they’re already taking over. Earthy tones, caramel tones, and burnt oranges, corduroy, flared pants, and prints are popular nowadays. So, it might be time to borrow your mom’s photo albums and get a few ideas!

3. Oversized Pants

Gone are the days of skinny jeans, at least for now, and oversized pants are taking the lead. They’re as comfortable as sweatpants, but a lot more stylish. Oversized pants are quickly becoming a staple because it’s easy to style them and they’re incredibly versatile; perfect for any occasion.

4. Oversized Men’s Jackets

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now how oversized men’s jackets with 80s shoulder pads are becoming a super stylish option for effortlessly chic outfits. The shoulder pads actually compliment your figure, allowing your waist to look smaller and your legs to look longer. The preferred colors are charcoal, blue, and neutrals.

5. Black Face Masks

Face masks are an obligation at this point, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them fashionable. Sleek and simple black face masks are the way to go and they go well with any outfit you can think of. You can also add come embellishments to make it your own.

6. White Knee-High Boots

The 60s are also influencing the fashion trends of 2021 and white knee-high boots are making a huge comeback. They’re best worn with patterned mini dresses and skirts, but the sky is truly the limit. They make for a sleek and sexy look.

7. Head Scarves

Last but not least, we have head scarves, a fashion trend that was big in the 40s and 50s. They allow you to add the finishing touch to your outfit without it being too much and they’re available in a wide variety of patterns and motifs, but you can also keep it super simple. Also, there are many ways to wear head scarves, making them look different every time. Look at Grace Kelly for inspo!

By no means are these all the fashion trends you should expect to see in 2021, but they are the main ones you should know about. And just to add a little disclaimer: these are trends that are popular for 2021 but that doesn’t mean they’ll work for you… always, do what makes you happy and comfortable in your own skin!!

Which fashion trend are you currently loving and which fashion trend is not for you no matter how popular it is?

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