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More About Me and My Story

Who am I and how did I get here? I wanted to keep my about page simple and more playful. With that said, I figured it would be a good idea to explain a little more about who I am and why I created this space.

So awkward

Why is this such an awkward thing for me to do? I’ve thought about it for quite some time and finally figured it out. It takes me back to that dreaded first day of school, when you heard the teacher announce the first assignment.

Tell me about yourself

I don’t know about you but every time I heard those words, I wanted to crawl under my desk and slowly die!! Now that we’re past that, let me introduce myself to you. LOL!

Who am I

My name is Rebecca, I’m one of the 2 people who run Quiet Cove Lane. I’m married, have an 18 year old daughter, and 2 stepchildren. My husband is a primary care physician who specializes in addiction medicine. For many years I worked alongside him at his medical practice. But as the years went by, I went from loving what I did, to dreading it every day. At this very moment I realized it was time for a change!

What now

I felt like I had very few options because this was all I knew. I decided to move my office to our home and maybe that was the change I needed. Needless to say it didn’t change how I was feeling. Therefore, I determined it was time to make a complete change, not just a change in scenery.

I spent the next few years focusing on being a stay-at-home wife and mother. That consumed the majority of my time until my daughter graduated from high school.

Lonely & Depressed

Being home alone was fun at first but it quickly turned into something much less enjoyable. I found myself in a very dark and lonely place and felt very guilty about it.

And this is why…..I know a lot of women are thinking to themselves, what more could you want?? You’re at home alone, with no one bothering you! No kids constantly calling your name and no husband asking you where everything is!! But trust me, it gets very quiet and you miss all those things that once annoyed you.

The search for what to do next

I began to read and search for what to do next in my life. What changes to make. What might fulfill me. This is when the idea came along to start a blog. A creative outlet and place where I could interact with others. I was super insecure and had no idea how and what to do. I was never a good writer and definitely didn’t do well in english class!

But what I was good at and did way to much of, was shopping and finding great deals!! LOL….trust me when I say, way too much!!

So here we are

And I know you must be thinking what the heck does “Quiet Cove Lane” have to do with anything! Let me tell you….several years ago we purchased a piece of property that was 11 acres surrounded by woods, creeks and not a neighbor in sight.

Fast Forward

A few years later we built our dream home (pictured above) nestled at the end of our 1/2 mile driveway! We named the road “Quiet Cove Lane”. It was so fitting for the little slice of heaven we had worked so hard to create…..and eventually became the official name of the road.

And with that said…..WELCOME to QUIET COVE LANE

One last thought or shall I say disclaimer

If you’re looking for perfection or the best written blog, this may not be for you! But if you’re looking for cute, affordable everyday finds….I’m your people!!

You can find and shop the links to all the things I’m loving here, on my Links & Loves page.