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How to Keep Your House Clean with a Schedule

We all struggle to keep up with the demands of life. There’s work, kids, husbands (LOL), keeping the house clean……the list goes on and on. For years I found myself in a constant whirlwind trying to keep up with all the things. I tried, but I could never come up with a plan to balance it all.

What helped me

Although I still don’t have it all figured out, I did come up with one solution that has helped me greatly. A house cleaning schedule! I know it probably sounds so ridiculous but I’m telling you it helped me so dang much.

The Cleaning Schedule

The cleaning schedule I came up with is rather simple and to the point, but it works! I basically wrote down everything I could think of that was involved in keeping the house clean. I came up with 4 separate categories and put each task in one of them.


  • make beds
  • wash dishes (empty & reload dishwasher)
  • wipe down countertops
  • take trash out
  • sweep/vacuum (only if needed)
  • pick up as needed

Once a Week

  • mop/vacuum
  • light dusting (using a feather duster)
  • wash/fold/put away laundry
  • scrub toilets/shower/bathtub
  • clean mirrors
  • wipe down outside of appliances
  • change linens

Once a Month

  • deep dusting (rag and furniture polish)
  • clean inside of appliances
  • dust/wipe down baseboards & trim (this tool is super helpful)
  • wipe down cabinets
  • scrub tile/backsplash

Once a Season

  • clean out closets & donate what you no longer want
  • clean out and organize pantry (throw away expired food)
  • wipe down/dust blinds
  • wash comforters & duvet covers
  • cleans doors and windows
  • wipe down doorknobs & light switches
  • change air filters (its recommended every 3 months but…..)

This is by no means the solution to everything but it will help with one part of your life…..keeping your house clean! Do you clean on a schedule or just whenever you can fit it in?

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